SunGlass Hut’s New Fab Blogger! Kiss And Vote “Lydia Callins”...

(Kiss and Vote Event)

SunGlass Hut’s New Fab Blogger!”

...Kiss And Vote “Lydia Callins"

157 spring st. Ny, Ny.
There are only three days left before voting polls closes for Sunglass Hut’s Fabulous blogger contest on 11-17-10, yet positive energy was high amongst A-team members meeting at 10am on 11/14/10 to prepare for Kiss and Vote event. I will admit, I was extremely nervous about the turn out; but like a kid on christmas..excited at the same time. Arriving early to set up and meet the band I was hiring, “Select Blendz” cheezzzing from ear to ear, I was surprisingly met with opposition by Sun Glass Hut’s super employee named “Extra Credit” AKA “Joy Kill.” Not a manager, an employee who knew nothing of the contest and didn’t realize that my event would be bring their store attention and more importantly business. She informed me that we could not stand in front, near or around a drawn out perimeter of their store entrance. 
Despite the location obstacle, positive energy always prevails! “Today was going to be a good day” and a spot located to the right of the store on the corner of spring and W. broadway opened up, centimeters away from the drawn out perimeter of the no fun zone....turnout was high, and people from everywhere where lined up to vote and get their kiss, reassuring us that we are going to claim victory on Dec 1st 2010 for the blog-off’s.
Daveeka-Sade, Select Blendz band members, Me, Skylar-Ny'cole 

At the end of each song performed by Select Blendz, the lead signer
Tommoraw Mortimer would announce The Kiss and Vote Campaigning event, telling people to make sure they “get a kiss and sign up and get $20.00 off their next purchase of sunglasses from SunGlass Hut.”  These announcements and the determination and persistence of A-Team Memebers Daveeka-Sade and Skylar Ny’cole brought over, dozens upon dozens, upon dozens of cheeks to be kissed. The A-Team’s efforts were truly inspiring,  reminding me to not get discouraged from the No’s and fight for those yes votes. 

Unik Lokee, Me, (model) Kenza Fourati
In addition to super model Kenza Fourati,over 100 people packed into our sectioned off brick and concrete space, outlined by balloons to vote Yes for Lydia Callins as Sun Glass Hut’s next Fabulous Blogger.
Every vote and prayer truly counts in this  special contest that can change my entire life over night. Voter turnout is important but positive thoughts and energy is key. These final 14 days waiting to discover if I will be in the race and make it to the blog-off’s will be a torturing eternity filled with anxiety. But I know in my heart that the energy and activism that we (A-team and other supporters) put into this contest; to reach the masses, utilizing the social networks of Twitter, FaceBook, Myspace, and the daily mass emailing and street team flyer handouts, in addition to the final push efforts during our kiss and vote event will send a clear message to the universe that Lydia Callins is indeed the Xfactory that Sun Glass Hut is looking for!  

Fingers Crossed!!!!


Superman Ibrahima Sonko... Soccer Player with Style

Superman” Ibrahima Sonko... Soccer Player with Style

Sports and style intermingled product Ibrahima Sonko, a “football” player from the Uk, has the  super power of flying on the field to hit a ball with his head, yet that is not his only power.  Sonko also has the power of style.  His laser beam eye spots fashion forward trends from a mile a way.

I do like the Italian designers like Dolce Gabbana , Armani and Gucci but I also like Christian Dior and Alexander McQueen. These are the main brands competing for space in my wardrobe”Ibrahima Sonko

In the sports world, we inevitably run across male athletes who are as easy on the eyes and who’s bodies are sculpted from being talented at what they do. For many, that means a spread in a magazine at some point. For others, it can mean longevity in their career, In Sonko’s case, he has been blessed with both. 
Sonko started his career at Saint-Étienne in France, before moving to Grenoble. He then joined English club Brentford in 2002, before leaving to join Reading on a Bosman transfer in 2004. He clearly became the fans favorite; when nicknamed “Superman” for his colossal  leaps into the air, which powerfully head bunts the ball away. "Sonko - Superman" T-shirts have been made available by  the foot ball cub Reading

 It’s not his own clothing line but could have been the motivating factor for  Armour to feature Sonko in a national ad campaign for their sports brand Under Armour.  
“In a lot of ways, athletes have become the new celebrities for fashion houses,’’ fashion consultant Robert Burke 
Getting Intimate with Ibrahima Sonko
Q: Where are you from? Where did you grow up?
A: I am from Senegal (West Africa) originaly but grew up in France. I was born in a small village in southern Senegal called Bignona. When I was just 6months old my parents relocated to France, Paris to be precise, because they knew it would offer a better life for us all, a decision I know was hard for them, but I am proud they did it.  

Q: How long have you played football [soccer]? Do your fans have a nickname for you and why?
A: I've been playing football [soccer] all my life. According to my my mum, when I took my first steps a ball was involved, basically a ball rolled next to me and I held it with both hands and tried to stand up and walk away with it . I didn't get far apparently [lol],  I still wonder why.. But my early memories of really playing football was when I started at club level, I must have been about 5 years old and still hanging on to that ball. I started playing professionally in France and moved to England in 2002. I was given the nickname "SUPERMAN" whilst at Reading FC because of my ability of putting my body on the line with no fear, and when you see me jumping for headers you'll understand why! It sometimes looks like I'm flying compared to the other players around me.
Q: What is your position? What team do you play for?
A: What's my position? WOW now this interview is getting very personal, lol, do you really want to know??? Just kidding. I play central defense, that's the last line of defense between the attacking team and goalkeeper. That's were the hard men stand ;-) 

Q: Who is your favorite sun glass designers ?
A: The one that fit me best [lol] or the ones I haven't lost. Usually I just walk into a shop and keep trying them on until I'm satisfied . But when I go sun glass shopping I always come out with 2 or 3 different brands that suit me . 
Q: Who are your favorite clothing designers and why?

A: I don't think I have a favorite designer. I do like the Italian designers like Dolce Gabbana , Armani and Gucci but I also like Christian Dior and Alexander McQueen. These are the main brands competing for space in my wardrobe. I went to the Ozwald Boateng show at London Fashion Week a few months ago, and when I saw he'd added a casual line to his collection it's only a matter of time before that will also be added to my collection!  I've always admired his more formal clothing range but he blew me away at his show with this new collection . 

P.s Ozwald if you are reading this, thank you again for the invite my man, much appreciated.
P.P.S. I'm a bit of a shopaholic, I can be worst than some woman at times!

Q: Do you plan on modeling? Have you modeled before and for who?
A: I would love to model properly one day, it's kind of one of my hobbies [posing and trying clothes] . The only bit of that I have done has been for charity campaigns, and I admit I really enjoyed it . I did feature in an ad campaign for the sports brand Under Armour while playing soccer at Reading FC . This was a national campaign so you could see my head and body in every sports shop up and down the country . I love the footwear brand Radii who do very stylish sneakers . They are ultra comfy, loads of different styles including high tops so they can be worn in different situations.  Radii has got a picture of me wearing the footwear on their official website too.
Q: How does being an athlete effect your fashion style? Do the clothes fit you better, do designers give you free clothes?
A: Doing sports certainly helps. I'm a tall guy and obviously take good care of myself which helps with designer clothes . I love fitted cloths I always make sure they fit my body to perfection before I get them. I often spend hours in shops asking them to modify and tailor jackets and shirts so they hand right, if I'm buying I like to make sure they suit me properly . So unless you are EXACTLY my size , I mean down to my ankles I'm sorry but  can not borrow my clothes from me . Haha I love it . 
Q: Out of your team mates would you say you is(are) the most stylish and why?
A: Out of my team mates the one who stand out is John Utaka . He's got that French swagga too, and knows how to show it with his clothes. Like me , he's into his fashion and loves shopping . We often shop together and it's always a disaster for us, and great  for the shops, imagine a male version of the Pretty Women scene on Rodeo Drive [lol] . Another player I'll point out who's got a bit of swagga is David Nugent . Different style to us but he's got a good range of clothes, and  a lot of it is Dolce Gabbana, that's probably why I like it [lol] . But no jokes he does dress smart .   
The A-Team and Ibrahima Sonko in Miami

Princess Jazzmine, Ibrahima Sonko, Me, Daveeka-Sade

A-Team and Ibrahima Sonko in England
“Overall I love fashion  from sun glasses to gloves, shirts to classic shoes and watches to sneakers, I love it all.  I'm planning on push the modeling side a bit more so who knows maybe you'll see me a bit more soon” ;-)  Ibrahima Sonko
 Ibrahima Sonko: philanthropist, supreme athlete, model, trend setter, undercover fashionista, and super hero! When Sonko isn’t getting a quick fix for his shopoholicism; he’s being a super hero on the soccer field as a “FootBaller.”  Currently  he is on loan at Portsmouth and humbly made his debut in a 2-0 defeat away to Coventry on August 7, 2010, and scored his first goal for Portsmouth on October 30, 2010 against Nottingham Forest. He is clearly a man of many hats, and is finding time  to successfully wear all them.
EA sports  video game being tested out by Ibrahima Sonko
(rocking a pair of white and gold Louis vuitton sunglasses)
If you want to see more of  Mr. Sonko:

DJ Prostyle From 106 & Park Spins For The Grand Premiere Of Covet Wednesdays

DJ Prostyle From 106 & Park Spins For The Grand Premiere Of Covet Wednesdays
Covet Lounge
137 East 55th Street
New York, NY 10022-4029
  1. 212-223-1802

Thanks to the warm welcoming invite to blog from promoter Deshawn of Destiny’s Dynasty media;The A-Team was able to shake a tale feather on 11-10-10 at the premiere opening of Covet Wednesdays. Pulling up to the venue, arriving fashionable late of course at around 12am, we were astonished by the line, which was wrapped around the corner. But what was most surprisingly, was that it was filled with not your typical mediocre angry on-lookers; but celeb high fashion party goers, who were freezing there butts off. 


Excitingly paying the cab fare while swapping our flats out for our 5 inch heals, we were able to exit the cab and hold our composure. Successfully masking our arousal from the peripheral view of luxury cars pulling up emptying it’s passengers into the line; we embraced the cold air that just touched us where the sun didn’t shine, and continued forward to the entrance of the club, ensuring that we were not associated with the "LINE". The words: Exclusive, Selective, and Celebrity came to mind; as Skylar Ny-cole made eye contact with the head man in charge of the door, instantly causing him to order the security to lift the ropes. Which allowed us to bypass the line moving forward up the stairs. With the confirmation of coolness given by promoter Deshawn we were handed tickets and ushered in. Smiling with gratitude, connecting eyes we telepathically sent high five’s to each other and continued past the on lookers into Covet.

Upon  entry I was instantly taking back by the  ambience of the Covet, which gives off a very exclusive vibe in the sense that everything from the walls to the floors scream luxurious. The Covet dining room contains large Zeppelin style chandeliers while the beautiful walls are adorned with paintings by Robert Lambert. 
Daveeka- Sade, Knight, Ice T (hiding)..lol
while I was still taking in the ambience, Daveeka-Sade was being taken in by the celeb filled room of: athletes, fashion designers, photographers, models, actors, and publicist. Before I could blink she was introducing  me to up and coming rapper Knight, who was sharing a table with Ice T and his wife glamour model Coco. 

DJ Prostyle lived up to his reputation as one of the hottest DJ’s in New York as soon as his hands touched the DJ booth replacing DJ Brown Hornhit. DJ Prostyle, is an Dominican-American DJ and producer on Power 105.1 in New York City and Power 95.3 in Orlando, Florida, A guest DJ on BET hit video show 106 & Park. He also owns his own record label, All Pro Records. DJ Prostyle is known for deejaying the hottest clubs in New York and New Jersey on any day of the week and today Covet Wednesday made his list of hot clubs.


Reskque rocking a vintage inspired look

Kawnne rocking a classy colorful sexy dress

Covet wednesday is among the nicest upscale top nightlife  weekly functions in New York. It’s trendy and fashionable clientele in addition to it’s appearance, décor and jamming music make it a must repeat experience. 
Doors Open @ 11pm
( warning)
Admission at door person's discretion
Gentlemen Must be accompanied by 2 Ladies.
Large groups of guys will be required to do table service. 
Deshawn - 646-642-0664


Ozwald Boateng/Men's Fall-Winter Must Haves

Fall fashion collections are often the more favored by Men, and we know fall fashion is the male New Yorker’s favorite. Why you might ask, simply because this is there chance to accessorize with those essential details, that revel the hidden fashionista in every man.
Fall and Winter fabrics are usually rich in color and texture, yet made light enough for those mild fall days and can often be worn year round.  But more importantly, fall and winter fashion is about layering.  Layering allows for you to show off your sense of style while keeping warm. When it gets cooler in the evenings or as the season progresses, you can throw on a sweater or jacket or both. The best part of this layering technique is that you don't have to spend a fortune to look stylish Often times the best sweaters are found at discount stores or thrift stores. The following Five men's fall wardrobe must haves will not only carry you through this fall and winter but seasons to come.
Plaid Flannel Shirt
Men’s plaid flannel shirts are hot this season, and never really go out of style and 
can be worn dress up and down. you can’t ignore their relevance or functionality. Made out of loosely spun wool or cotton, the fabric is known for its comfort and warmth, which is perfect if you’re here in NYC freezing in this -30 degrees weather. Throw one over a catchy tee and wear it like a light jacket in the fall. Use it as a layering piece over a fashion jacket in the winter; wear one under a sweater and pop the collar out for added detail, or even dress one up with a matching tie in the same color pattern. The shirts always look good with lighter blue jeans.
Jeans have always played a  strong role in the American wardrobe, Levi’s 501’s  Put us American’s on the map globally. Now it seems to be a pattern, that every few months a new high end jeans company pops up. I might add some of the  prices of these jeans are jaw dropping; even The Gap! yes I said it, the GAP has a high end pricier line. In terms of color, we've seen everything from dark to light washes, but one thing is for certain--the washed-out, worn-in look is here to stay. 
Who said skinny jeans were just for women, currently chica’s are not the only ones enjoying the skinny legged jean. It’s a trend that's here to stay inviting the young skater teen and grown sexy man with open arms.  However, please keep in mind they are not for everybody or every booty, but since there is so much variety there is no excuse not to pick up a pair that enhances your best features.
Striped Shirts
In Just about every clothing store there is some sort striped shirt, they are every where, so Just get one. It can be worn independently with jeans, with a suit or under a sweater. Remember, fall/winter is about layering and from bold to thick stripes to thin ones; it's a good look that you will find easy to incorporate into many ensembles.
Flat-Front Twill Pants
Pick up some twill flat-front pants! They are a great, simple addition; which will go with just about everything. The Best part is they come in an array of colors and patterns to boot. Go for straight-legged version and whose fabric features a textured look. They are great for a night out with your friends, with anything from a turtleneck to a printed tee, or for a more casual day at the office, with a button-down shirt or a merino wool sweater.

Blazer/Sports Jacket
A blazer is definitely a must-have item that never goes out of style. The new styles available really give blazers a life of their own; that are all a revival of retro looks. There are some with patch pockets and/or elbow patches, others with big lapels and double-sided vents, And don't forget moleskin and corduroy options which can be a less formal look than tweed. Or choose a nice wool or wool and cashmere combination with three or two buttons. Don't be afraid to express yourself; get wild with color! The awsome thing about Blazer or sports coats are that they are so versatility and can easily be worn with jeans and dressier trousers as well as a dress shirt or with a printed tee underneath.  
The Newest Hotest Innovative Suits, Coats, and Blazers
Ozwald Boateng
Ozwald Boateng is a Ghanaian-British fashion designer who is responsible for introducing swanky Savile Row tailoring to the new generation of fashion seekers in both Europe and America. . Ozwald is one of London’s most revered bespoke tailors making a name for himself in the U.S. as well. 
Recognized for his innovative tailoring dripping with refinement and sophistication, Boateng’s collection of suits, coats and blazer--among other pieces---in luxurious fabrics and plush colors bring a perfect amount of panache to any man’s closet. 
Client’s of Boateng’s classically reined look include:  Don Cheadle, Laurence Fishburne, Jamie Foxx, Djimon Hounsou, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Mick Jagger, George Michael, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Chris Rock, Seal, Will Smith, Chris Tucker, Usher, and Forest Whitaker.