Artistic Flair With A Touch of Fashion Equals Berette Macaulay

Berette Macaulay wearing a Diane Von Furstenberg dress

Berette is a professional dancer, scholar, writer, photographer and artist. As Jaw dropping and unreal as this might sound... close your mouths, we are in the year 2010... She is the truth! She’s beauty and brains with a kind heart, a well rounded phenomenal women. She is an artist who has a unique sense of style that’s not only illustrated in her work, but also in her wardrobe.  In the photo above Berette is wearing a classic timeless wrap dress  from Diane Von Furstenburg, toping it off with Christian Dior acessories from the GILT Groupe, and a small one of a kind bag from Paris. designed by Maud Terseur. Her funky flair and keen eye captures beauty with a snap of a lens, and this unique interesting style is portrayed in her art work; which is a  fusions of still images and various mediums.

Title of Print Avove: LIQUID Trees 033* (NOTE: Exhibited piece from private collection of Marc Nelles, United Nations)

Mixed Media Commissioned Edition: Metallic Photographic Print treated with acrylic gels and molded mediums, natural and synthetic adhesives, acrylic/metallic pigments, and crushed quartz & resin crystals

*LIQUID Trees # 033 
The commissioned mixed media print seen here, LIQUID Trees #33, was shot in Central Park, and finished with layers of mixed materials for additional texture and dimensional movement in the work. 
It was recently awarded a Silver Medal and Sectional Trophy Prize for Photography by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission and Jamaica National Gallery, and also received the Claro Viewers Vote Award on a televised presentation on SMILE Jamaica on TVJ, August 2010.
In 2005, SeBiArt: Photographic Evolution, a company with the mission of bringing together a coalition of visual and performing artists to create cathartic multi-disciplinary/multimedia arts projects. As a photographer, she has also pursued the commercial and fashion avenues, photographing well-known persons both locally and internationally.
Her main challenge now is finding compatible and reliable collaborators and acquiring adequate funding to produce projects .. HInt Hint.... Donate To SeBiArt to KEEP ART ALIVE! Every dollar counts and aids in preserving creativity..www.SeBiArt.com     
Keep art alive and support Mrs. Berette’s work:
Website:  www.SeBiArt.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/SeBiArt  (Fanpage name - SeBiArt i•ma•gine | e•volve)

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