Ozwald Boateng/Men's Fall-Winter Must Haves

Fall fashion collections are often the more favored by Men, and we know fall fashion is the male New Yorker’s favorite. Why you might ask, simply because this is there chance to accessorize with those essential details, that revel the hidden fashionista in every man.
Fall and Winter fabrics are usually rich in color and texture, yet made light enough for those mild fall days and can often be worn year round.  But more importantly, fall and winter fashion is about layering.  Layering allows for you to show off your sense of style while keeping warm. When it gets cooler in the evenings or as the season progresses, you can throw on a sweater or jacket or both. The best part of this layering technique is that you don't have to spend a fortune to look stylish Often times the best sweaters are found at discount stores or thrift stores. The following Five men's fall wardrobe must haves will not only carry you through this fall and winter but seasons to come.
Plaid Flannel Shirt
Men’s plaid flannel shirts are hot this season, and never really go out of style and 
can be worn dress up and down. you can’t ignore their relevance or functionality. Made out of loosely spun wool or cotton, the fabric is known for its comfort and warmth, which is perfect if you’re here in NYC freezing in this -30 degrees weather. Throw one over a catchy tee and wear it like a light jacket in the fall. Use it as a layering piece over a fashion jacket in the winter; wear one under a sweater and pop the collar out for added detail, or even dress one up with a matching tie in the same color pattern. The shirts always look good with lighter blue jeans.
Jeans have always played a  strong role in the American wardrobe, Levi’s 501’s  Put us American’s on the map globally. Now it seems to be a pattern, that every few months a new high end jeans company pops up. I might add some of the  prices of these jeans are jaw dropping; even The Gap! yes I said it, the GAP has a high end pricier line. In terms of color, we've seen everything from dark to light washes, but one thing is for certain--the washed-out, worn-in look is here to stay. 
Who said skinny jeans were just for women, currently chica’s are not the only ones enjoying the skinny legged jean. It’s a trend that's here to stay inviting the young skater teen and grown sexy man with open arms.  However, please keep in mind they are not for everybody or every booty, but since there is so much variety there is no excuse not to pick up a pair that enhances your best features.
Striped Shirts
In Just about every clothing store there is some sort striped shirt, they are every where, so Just get one. It can be worn independently with jeans, with a suit or under a sweater. Remember, fall/winter is about layering and from bold to thick stripes to thin ones; it's a good look that you will find easy to incorporate into many ensembles.
Flat-Front Twill Pants
Pick up some twill flat-front pants! They are a great, simple addition; which will go with just about everything. The Best part is they come in an array of colors and patterns to boot. Go for straight-legged version and whose fabric features a textured look. They are great for a night out with your friends, with anything from a turtleneck to a printed tee, or for a more casual day at the office, with a button-down shirt or a merino wool sweater.

Blazer/Sports Jacket
A blazer is definitely a must-have item that never goes out of style. The new styles available really give blazers a life of their own; that are all a revival of retro looks. There are some with patch pockets and/or elbow patches, others with big lapels and double-sided vents, And don't forget moleskin and corduroy options which can be a less formal look than tweed. Or choose a nice wool or wool and cashmere combination with three or two buttons. Don't be afraid to express yourself; get wild with color! The awsome thing about Blazer or sports coats are that they are so versatility and can easily be worn with jeans and dressier trousers as well as a dress shirt or with a printed tee underneath.  
The Newest Hotest Innovative Suits, Coats, and Blazers
Ozwald Boateng
Ozwald Boateng is a Ghanaian-British fashion designer who is responsible for introducing swanky Savile Row tailoring to the new generation of fashion seekers in both Europe and America. . Ozwald is one of London’s most revered bespoke tailors making a name for himself in the U.S. as well. 
Recognized for his innovative tailoring dripping with refinement and sophistication, Boateng’s collection of suits, coats and blazer--among other pieces---in luxurious fabrics and plush colors bring a perfect amount of panache to any man’s closet. 
Client’s of Boateng’s classically reined look include:  Don Cheadle, Laurence Fishburne, Jamie Foxx, Djimon Hounsou, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Mick Jagger, George Michael, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Chris Rock, Seal, Will Smith, Chris Tucker, Usher, and Forest Whitaker.

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