SunGlass Hut’s New Fab Blogger! Kiss And Vote “Lydia Callins”...

(Kiss and Vote Event)

SunGlass Hut’s New Fab Blogger!”

...Kiss And Vote “Lydia Callins"

157 spring st. Ny, Ny.
There are only three days left before voting polls closes for Sunglass Hut’s Fabulous blogger contest on 11-17-10, yet positive energy was high amongst A-team members meeting at 10am on 11/14/10 to prepare for Kiss and Vote event. I will admit, I was extremely nervous about the turn out; but like a kid on christmas..excited at the same time. Arriving early to set up and meet the band I was hiring, “Select Blendz” cheezzzing from ear to ear, I was surprisingly met with opposition by Sun Glass Hut’s super employee named “Extra Credit” AKA “Joy Kill.” Not a manager, an employee who knew nothing of the contest and didn’t realize that my event would be bring their store attention and more importantly business. She informed me that we could not stand in front, near or around a drawn out perimeter of their store entrance. 
Despite the location obstacle, positive energy always prevails! “Today was going to be a good day” and a spot located to the right of the store on the corner of spring and W. broadway opened up, centimeters away from the drawn out perimeter of the no fun zone....turnout was high, and people from everywhere where lined up to vote and get their kiss, reassuring us that we are going to claim victory on Dec 1st 2010 for the blog-off’s.
Daveeka-Sade, Select Blendz band members, Me, Skylar-Ny'cole 

At the end of each song performed by Select Blendz, the lead signer
Tommoraw Mortimer would announce The Kiss and Vote Campaigning event, telling people to make sure they “get a kiss and sign up and get $20.00 off their next purchase of sunglasses from SunGlass Hut.”  These announcements and the determination and persistence of A-Team Memebers Daveeka-Sade and Skylar Ny’cole brought over, dozens upon dozens, upon dozens of cheeks to be kissed. The A-Team’s efforts were truly inspiring,  reminding me to not get discouraged from the No’s and fight for those yes votes. 

Unik Lokee, Me, (model) Kenza Fourati
In addition to super model Kenza Fourati,over 100 people packed into our sectioned off brick and concrete space, outlined by balloons to vote Yes for Lydia Callins as Sun Glass Hut’s next Fabulous Blogger.
Every vote and prayer truly counts in this  special contest that can change my entire life over night. Voter turnout is important but positive thoughts and energy is key. These final 14 days waiting to discover if I will be in the race and make it to the blog-off’s will be a torturing eternity filled with anxiety. But I know in my heart that the energy and activism that we (A-team and other supporters) put into this contest; to reach the masses, utilizing the social networks of Twitter, FaceBook, Myspace, and the daily mass emailing and street team flyer handouts, in addition to the final push efforts during our kiss and vote event will send a clear message to the universe that Lydia Callins is indeed the Xfactory that Sun Glass Hut is looking for!  

Fingers Crossed!!!!

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