Vote for Lydia Callins to Win SunGlass Hut Full Time Fabulous Blogger Job

Vote for Lydia Callins  to Win SunGlass Hut Full Time Fabulous Blogger Job

When I get the Job This is What I Will Get:

  • $100,000 compensation
  • A fully-furnished apartment in Manhattan at the residences W. Ny Downtown
  • new pad  comes complete with spectacular views of the Harbor and Manhattan skyline, a 24-hour concierge, state-of-the-art gym, a rooftop lounge and patio to chill out in and an inner city attitude. high speed internet connection 
  • $1,000/month styling allowance
  • VIP passes to fashion shows in NYC, Milan, Paris and more
  • * You will serve as an Independent Contractor for one year with compensation of $100,000.

      My  Video Submission:

      This Is Why I Am SunGlass Hut’s Xfactory!
      From foster care to fame, or at least that’s the plan. Growing up in the inner city of Oakland wasn’t easy, you try adding a plethora of foster families to the equation and see what you get. Me, Lydia Callins U.C. Berkeley graduate, destine for greatness or even better, destine to be the next Winner of Sun Glass Hut Fabulous Blogger Job .
        I took a job right out of graduate school, as an account executive at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. It didn’t take long for me to realize, that this was an unnecessary pit stop on my path to greatness. I got my finances in order, packed up my things and moved to Hollywood in June of 05.
         I knew this wouldn’t be an easy feat and I was prepared to rise to the challenge. I worked as P.A. for a reality show titled Rock Stars, where I really learned the concept survival of the fittest. LA was a huge contrast to my  pleasant experience back in the Berkeley days at KTVU, channel 2 news, Cal Media Relations,  and The two cable shows  I wrote and hosted for :Behind the Bling, and Five Minutes of Funk, thus, I became humble and focused. 
        I yearned to secure a job at a major network as an on-air personality, and if I can graduate Berkeley despite the obstacles, I can do anything.  I secured a job at American Radio Network as an independent producer, and began hosting my own thirty minute radio show titled “Lydia Land Radio.” It wasn’t “The Beat,” or “KROC,” or BET, or MTV but it was my start. I then expanded my horizons at starred in two Actor’s Group Studio productions. I landed several commercials and work started coming from everywhere, and before I knew it what happened I was being a featured in My first feature movie  “you Me and Depree”, and co-starring on television shows.  I needing money to pay for my acting training and flexibility to audition, I had to be creative in generating revenue for my endeavors. I begin my career in fitness working as a Female Boxer, where I beat the crap out of beautiful women..currently I am a proud member of an awsome non-profit organizatioon called “Knock Out For Girls” www.k4og.org Currently I live in New York, pursing my dreams as an Actress, Writer and Model, living life to the fullest...

        I am a well rounded balanced outgoing fun creative person... In my spear time I enjoy partying, exercising, reading, working on my novel, writing screenplays, painting and blogging.   
        My ultimate life goal will be to  use my fame and fortune to bring awareness to the social problems that plague America.  From my future fame I  plan to  start up several non-profit organizations to help the youth of America, especially the foster children in America and knowing that I have to accomplish my goals because there are  children depending on me,  motivates me everyday to do what ever it takes to make my dreams a reality.
      So Please Help me make my Dreams a reality and Vote for me!!
      With one “Click” You can provide a blessing and change my Life:
      I am in the running..plse click link and vote for me.. and then pass this to your friends..  

      (Important you have to confirm vote in email or it won’t count.)

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