TNT’s First Female Hero To Win A Hero’s Challenge

Los Angeles own Lydia Callins; has proven she is a tenacious  strong contestant, not to be overlooked on TNT’s new hit competition serious hosted by Dwayne Johnson AKA “The Rock.”

This epic competition series premiered June 6th, with great reviews.  The Hero is like no other show, it test the strength, courage, and integrity of nine diverse individuals. Each week, the contestants are tested physically, mentally, and morally, as they prove that they truly deserve the title of “the Hero” as well as the grand prize which is up to a million dollars. 

 Every week a new twist is thrown into the competition, constantly changing the game forcing the hero’s to make tough decisions on the fly. Last week’s episode The Rock called out the women demanding that they step up, but stepping up so late in the game had it’s consequences, Eliminations have now been introduced into the game. 

Lydia was the first women in the competition series to take on The Rock’s challenge knowing full well that by her stepping up she was at risk of being eliminated. Lydia freely shares the inside scoop:

How do the challenges work and are they easy?

Everyone who watches the show thinks it’s a piece of cake to not only get into a Hero’s challenge, but also to win one. As the first women to complete one, I can tell you that is not true!  First you have to fight your way into the second half of the challenge, not knowing what it will entail, with team consensus, then “IF” you effectively complete your challenge, you again have to win over the votes to be placed in the Hero’s challenge. In the Hero’s challenge  you will have a chance to win a large amount of money to take home, and eliminate yourself, or put money in the growing pot and eliminate another teammate, or fail and automatically be eliminated.  And I almost forgot to mention these challenges are designed for you to fail; if you are not given the allotted time to complete them.

What your strategy was going into that episode and The Hero's Challenge?

I knew I only had one opportunity to prove myself or I would be at risk of being eliminated, it was do or die! I refuse to die without a fight! My strategy was simply, I developed a winning mind set:  “I am here to win! I would do anything asked of me without hesitation or fear, failure was simply not an option.”  I trained hard prior to this competition with two a day workouts, that included boxing conditioning, five mile runs and cross fit training, thus ensuring  that I would physically be the strongest women and the most fit.

What you were thinking/did you think you would finish The Hero's Challenge in time?

I had full faith that I would win my Hero’s challenge with or without the full time allotted. When I first read the rules and instructions of the challenge I was a little confused, as to how I was really expected to carry 6 bowlders that weighed 20 lbs each to my final destination, but the word images popped out in the sentence  “I must provide the images to The Rock when providing my answer”.  I was given an ipad to use, and an ipad takes images, so once I realized that my only concern became would this puzzle be to difficult to decipher before my time expired. 

What was your motivation to make it through?

My motivation was  that I will win this for me! This fight to win was a symbol of my entire life, if I can give it all I got, set my mind to win, trust God, and accomplish this challenge despite the time restriction, I can reach every goal I set for myself in life. 

What was Your reasoning why you chose to eliminate Rachel?

Liars cannot be trusted, especially "LIARS" who fail to admit when they have lied.  Rachel lied despite the fact she would be putting the potential Hero in jeopardy by taking away time for the challenge during the lie detector test, that was not very heroic.  I decided at that point I had to eradicate the cancer’s from the house, and that cancer was Rachel. Rachel states I had a personal problem with her, and assumed I felt intimidated by her, but the bottom line was she lied, and Hero's  do not lie, especially knowing that  the lie can cause a charity to loose potential donations and also can cause a person to be eliminated.  I do not have a personal problem with Rachel, I am sure she is a good mom, and dance coach, and I wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors.

What to look forward to in the next episode?

America will get to see more of The Rock’s charming wit as he mentors and challenges us, as well as  the beauty of Panama. But most exciting and touching America will  see first hand the heart, bravery and selfness of two of my favorite Hero’s. 

Oakland Native Inspiring Moment with "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson

Oakland Native Inspiring Moment
Lydia Callins

     From Poverty to Fame, at least that’s the plan for Oakland Native Lydia Callins,  Raised in the inner city in numerous foster homes;  UC Berkeley graduate, hungry for life and destined for greatness! Lydia now faces off with Dwayne Johnson AKA “The Rock”  every Thursday on TNT, on an epic adventure competing  for the title of America’s first Hero.

    This epic competition test the strength, courage, and integrity of a diverse group of nine individuals. Each week, the contestants are tested, physically, mentally, and morally, as they try to prove that they truly deserve the title of "The Hero" and the life-changing grand prize that goes with it. America watches to see what the contestants are willing to overcome, undergo, and sacrifice on behalf of themselves and others.  

        When asked why Lydia  participated on this show; she responds:  “ I’m risking my life so an orphan can have a better life; why else would I sign a piece of paper before every epic challenge, that states I understand I may die. I’m apart of an insane TV show that’s inspirational, life changing, and I have a history - I have a past that has put me on a mission, to live by example; demonstrating that you do not have to be a product of your environment, and you can do anything you put your mind too.”

Lydia’s ultimate life goal is to use her future fame and fortune, spawned from her acting and writing career to not only bring awareness to the social problems that plague America, especially the foster children in America; but to also do something about it.

While pursuing her dreams, Lydia supports herself as a personal trainer and gives her time mentoring  for the Shirley Mae Foundation and Knock Outs For Giving charity. 

 Lydia remains hopeful and excited for her opportunity to do philanthropic work: “It’s simply knowing that I have to accomplish my goals because there are children depending on me that motivates me everyday to do whatever it takes to make my dreams a reality. What is life and its accomplishments all about if you can’t do something for another person?” 


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Jose Canseco and KO4G Helped A Dying Girl  Have  What Could Be her Last BirthDay....

 Valerie is very ill and was not expected to live past 11 years old,  she celebrated her 15th birthday March 26th and KO4G provided her with a very special day.  Valerie spends most of her time in the hospital and is very limited in what she can do as she does not have a stomach, along with a list of other health problems.  At first glanced you are taken back by her beautiful smile, and wonderful sprit,  so much so that from the naked eye you wouldn’t be able to tell she was fighting everyday for her life. she is a very sweet and grateful girl whom is vey deserving of her amazing birthday party.

 Thanks to the help of awesome athletes philanthropist like Jose Canseco who didn’t hesitate to extend a helping hand Valerie's wish was granted.  He responded to KO4G’s plea for help immediately from his cell phone during the memorial service for his deceased father.  He came up with some awesome Ideas to help fund Valerie's party.  one of them that generated large donations, the autographing of baseballs and bats. Jose  the awesome, even went as fare as donating some actual equipment and memorabilia used in his games during the signing event.
This event could not have been such a success without the help of Jose and everyone involved which included: 
Jose Canseco at signing

  • Busby's East & West  
  • Lydia Callins 
  • Betsy Cox
  • Juni Banico Photography
  • Professional Base Ball Player-Jose Canseco
  • Professional UK Soccer Player-Ibrahima Sonko 
Ibrahima Sonko

  • Professional Boxer- Alfonso Gomez
  • Hy3rid
  • Jacklyn Atkins
  • Sarah Lamping
  • Kira
  • Children’s Hospital (LA) and k04g very own Tess Arellano who organized all of the fundraising as well as the coordination of the actually event.
The Inside Scoop from Tess Arellano
Valerie and Tess

How was Valerie Chosen by KO4G to make her wish come true?
Valerie was chosen because she has been through so much medically speaking and still has a long ways to go.  I thought she deserved to have some normalcy in her life, despite the drawbacks that her medical condition has given her.
How did you get involved with KO4G and Children’s Hospital?

 I have worked with children over 5 years.  I work at Children's Hospital Los Angeles I began as a volunteer in 2005 and got hired on in 2007.  I got involved in KO4G because it is a genuine organization that is committed to help girls and women to bring out their inner beauty and raise their self esteem.
What was the out come of the event?

 The event was great. The most important aspect was that Valerie and her family had a great time. To see her smile and genuinely enjoy a milestone in her life that she almost didn't make.
Who were  contributors that helped make this event a possibility?, 
There weren’t a lot of contributors, but those who did, did in a big way!
Paul B.-owner of Busby's east/west donated both venues 1 for Jose Canseco signing and 2nd for Valerie’s Party
Juni- photographer, gave his talent and time to capture this evening for Valerie and her family
Betsy Cox- hair and make up for Valerie and her sister.
Munaco Car Club- provided transportation for Valerie to Venue
Jose Canseco- Donated his time to autograph for donations
Long Branch Youth Boxing- monies for food
Ibrahima Sonko  monies for food
Albert Garcia- DJ
Rob Gomez & Alfonso Gomez and
other individuals did small things to make a difference.

Valerie got a traditional party that most hispanics girls receive (La Quiceanera) .  She was able just feel normal, and special.  For a night, people didn't look at her as being sick, they saw her for the beautiful young lady that she is.  She has something to look forward to and allowed herself to dream past her illness.  Hopefully this party gave her boost of energy to take care of herself, and do everything she can give herself a fighting chance. 
Valerie’s dreams were made into a reality due to the kindness of other’s, so let’s all do our part in making this world a better place and spread the love by taking time to extend our hands every now and then.  Remember LOVE is FREE!  

Thank You Tess for being an awesome wonderful individual and for being the pioneer in making Sweet Valerie's Wish come True!

Donations for future wishes can be made @ www.ko4g.org


How to Get & Keep a Man with Fashion, Fitness & Fun

How to Get & Keep a Man with Fashion, Fitness & Fun
 Some of us are great at the chase, but not so good at the kill or vice versa,  some of us  know how to get the guy, but when it comes to keeping him, it’s a different story,  or  some of us don’t  have a clue on how to get, find or more importantly how to keep Mr. Right..
First thing First you must Locate him then impress your guy and woo him. When you both finally come down from cloud nine, what’s next? How do you keep a man interested and show him that you’re worth keeping around...  Simply by being attractive to people in general, therefore, continuing doing the same things you did before you met him, which is empowering and loving yourself and maintaing your positive self-image.  Here are Three ways to attract and keep your guy by your side.

1. Learn To Make Health and Fitness A Way Of Life 

First and foremost, he’ll be more likely to chase you and keep you if you, are physically fit. If  you want to be showered with the affection you deserve, start with: 1)Setting five goals of fitness for your self, ie.. I want to loose 15 pounds, tone my legs, develop abs..etc, 2) Make a plan to execute those goals, with a time line and a plan for maintenance once you reach those goals, 3) Make health and fitness a way of life  by normalizing being healthy in your everyday life, ie.. instead of french fries, have a salad, instead of soda, have water, instead of candy, have fruit etc.. here are some links to help you get started eating right, loosing weight, and getting fit :

2. Learn what Fashion Trends Are In & is most flattering to your body type 

Men love women who look good, and are kind, confidant and relaxed, so you want to find clothing that help promote those characteristics.  You want to find clothing that is appropriate for different events, but are “ALWAYS FLATTERING” to your specific body type. Wear touchable clothing such as soft sweaters, lower necklines and closer-fitting clothing.  Before shopping you want to: 
A)  locate one part of your body that you consider your best asset.. ie: your legs, arms, breast, abs.. 
B) do your research on what’s the new AGE appropriate fashion forward trend.
C) pick out four upcoming events where you will be seen by your man, or potential man to shop for. 
D) invite your favorite pal to go shopping with you, that love’s you, has your best interest at heart, yet wont’ be afraid to tell it like it is. 
E) shop till you drop ensuring that each outfit emphasizes that body part or parts that you choose....
here are some links to browse for fashion forward trends
3. Learn How having Fun can attract and Keep a man 

 An active social life is also referred to by men as "having a life” men love women who are there own person and have there own interest and hobbies, so it’s very important to get a life and maintain it! In addition to the four upcoming events you’ve decided on where you will be seen by your man, or meet a man, here are a few more suggestions: 

The Apple store
The Apple store often host interesting seminars, with cool celeb guest, and most guys are natural gadget lovers, and with sales of iPods and MacBooks skyrocketing, more men than ever are stopping by Apple boutiques. The vibe at the stores is conducive to man meeting too
Find it near you: There are 142 Apple stores in 31 states. Check out

 The weight room in the gym
The gym is the perfect place to rock your stylish work out outfit, have fun while getting in shape and be seen. According to many gyms, the majority of people pumping iron are men. Another great place for eye candy  are “Boxing Gyms”.. men love a women who can fight back..Find gyms near you: Log on to
sportsclubs.com/clubsched, crunch.com/crunch/gyms, or goldsgym.com/gym_locator 
Comedy Clubs & Classes. 
Acting classes are filled with gorgeous nymphets and men who make great shopping and happy hour buddies .  And breaking the ice is easy: A simple "Your routine was hilarious" (preceded, of course, by hearty laughter) should do the trick.

Poetry clubs, Supper Clubs and Dance Clubs.
 Next Saturday night take a bunch of your girlfriends to poetry club, then go to a nightclub that hosts bands.  You will be seen, have a great time; and if you have a man, he will miss you, thus causing him to appreciate you! If you don’t have a significant other then chances are you might meet one... The only drawback of music clubs, of course, is that the noise level can make it hard to hold a conversation and they are usually filled with anti-committal men. But at the end of the night you were feeling fit and confidant, you got a life; and You got to rock that new outfit while having fun... and at the end of the day that’s all that matters..