Fashion Fitness and Fun: Who’s Running The Runway?... Project Runway Winner...

Fashion Fitness and Fun: Who’s Running The Runway?... Project Runway Winner...: "Who’s Running The Runway?... Project Runway Winner Ms. Millana Snow.... Why Millana Snow is named Runway Model winner of 'Project Runway..."

Vote for Lydia Callins to Win SunGlass Hut Full Time Fabulous Blogger Job

Vote for Lydia Callins  to Win SunGlass Hut Full Time Fabulous Blogger Job

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  • * You will serve as an Independent Contractor for one year with compensation of $100,000.

      My  Video Submission:

      This Is Why I Am SunGlass Hut’s Xfactory!
      From foster care to fame, or at least that’s the plan. Growing up in the inner city of Oakland wasn’t easy, you try adding a plethora of foster families to the equation and see what you get. Me, Lydia Callins U.C. Berkeley graduate, destine for greatness or even better, destine to be the next Winner of Sun Glass Hut Fabulous Blogger Job .
        I took a job right out of graduate school, as an account executive at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. It didn’t take long for me to realize, that this was an unnecessary pit stop on my path to greatness. I got my finances in order, packed up my things and moved to Hollywood in June of 05.
         I knew this wouldn’t be an easy feat and I was prepared to rise to the challenge. I worked as P.A. for a reality show titled Rock Stars, where I really learned the concept survival of the fittest. LA was a huge contrast to my  pleasant experience back in the Berkeley days at KTVU, channel 2 news, Cal Media Relations,  and The two cable shows  I wrote and hosted for :Behind the Bling, and Five Minutes of Funk, thus, I became humble and focused. 
        I yearned to secure a job at a major network as an on-air personality, and if I can graduate Berkeley despite the obstacles, I can do anything.  I secured a job at American Radio Network as an independent producer, and began hosting my own thirty minute radio show titled “Lydia Land Radio.” It wasn’t “The Beat,” or “KROC,” or BET, or MTV but it was my start. I then expanded my horizons at starred in two Actor’s Group Studio productions. I landed several commercials and work started coming from everywhere, and before I knew it what happened I was being a featured in My first feature movie  “you Me and Depree”, and co-starring on television shows.  I needing money to pay for my acting training and flexibility to audition, I had to be creative in generating revenue for my endeavors. I begin my career in fitness working as a Female Boxer, where I beat the crap out of beautiful women..currently I am a proud member of an awsome non-profit organizatioon called “Knock Out For Girls” www.k4og.org Currently I live in New York, pursing my dreams as an Actress, Writer and Model, living life to the fullest...

        I am a well rounded balanced outgoing fun creative person... In my spear time I enjoy partying, exercising, reading, working on my novel, writing screenplays, painting and blogging.   
        My ultimate life goal will be to  use my fame and fortune to bring awareness to the social problems that plague America.  From my future fame I  plan to  start up several non-profit organizations to help the youth of America, especially the foster children in America and knowing that I have to accomplish my goals because there are  children depending on me,  motivates me everyday to do what ever it takes to make my dreams a reality.
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      Who’s Running The Runway?... Project Runway Winner Ms. Millana Snow....

      Who’s Running The Runway?... Project Runway Winner Ms. Millana Snow....
      Why Millana Snow is named Runway Model winner of 'Project Runway' season eight .......

      I was able to see the kind of mental, spiritual and physical focus I had to maintain to carry out My goals.” Millana Snow

      Skylar-Ny'cole and Millana Snow
      The Carlton Hotel
      As a self invited guest of A-Team Member Skylar-Ny’cole, I was able to crash her up and coming supermodel pal Millana Snow’s “Project Runway Wrap party”, which was located at 
      The Carlton Hotel 88 madison Ny, Ny.
      In conversation with Millana, I discovered Millana’s exemplary tall, slender. sexy, statuesque physic; brought life to Gretchen Jones bohemian inspired, fashion-forward collection, which by the way... HELLO! kinda....  of a “big deal”, won the praise of host Heidi Klum, judges Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and guest judge, Jessica Simpson.
      Milliana Snow and ME
      I couldn’t help but notice taking in Millana upon first encounter, she was bubbly, beautiful, humble and so so stylish... A TRUE FASHIONISTA ON AND OFF THE RUNWAY!

      Rocking: A glamours confident Diane Von Gurstenberg dress a pair of sexy Christian Louboutin’s
      Christian Loubtin heels
      Getting to Know Millana........Where  are you from?
       I was born in Denver CO... But I also grew up in Houston TX. I have come to call them both home, but H-town will always have my heart!
      Who are your favorite designers and why? 
      I really love Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy. He is so now, yet so revolutionary. I also really love Chole, whom Hannah MacGibbon has done a beautiful job at remaining current but true to the classic Chole esthetic 
      Who are your favorite sun glass designer and why? 
        I really love my Ray Bans! But other than that you cannot go wrong with Chanel... Also Celine and Victoria Beckham have great new lines. 

        How your modeling career begin?
          When I was about 17 I just kept getting approached about modeling... so after meeting photographers in Houston I started building my first portfolio on my own.
          3 of your most memorable experiences on project runway
            Good question! I suppose one would have to be when Phillip Tracey was on the show and he hand choose hats for each of us models. He had designed hats for royalty so it was a pleasant surprise to have him choose them personally. I also really enjoyed when Betsey Johnson came, we were all so excited! Lastly the last show at Lincoln Center was wonderful! I was so excited, and very happy that I was able to go and win later that night!
            How was your relationship with other models? did you feel any pressure to be smaller, thinner? what was your strategy to stay on the   

            I ended up becoming cool with a few... but I really just read most of the down time. Staying to myself was apart of my strategy,  during the filming I was friendly with everyone but didn't want to caught up in drama. I really didn't want to get caught up in competing with any one either... I wanted to just focus on being the best model that I could be; in hopes that that positive energy would separate me and help to come out as the winner. As far as pressures of staying thin... yes I def learned how I was perceived by other models in terms of size... lets just say everyone always considered me the "curvy" one! lol

            What was the outcome of show? 
            Gretchen and I won!! Next week I will be shooting for Marie Claire and a nice lil check :)
            Millana will appear in the designer’s editorial feature in Marie Claire and receive $25,000 from L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional.

            Ms. Jones walks off with $100,000 from L’OrĂ©al Paris to start her own line, a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine, a $50,000 technology suite by HP and Intel to create her own vision and run her business and the opportunity to design and sell an exclusive collection on Piperlime.com.
             How did show benefit you? 
            This was a great journey for me! I had graduated with my bachelors just 10 days before getting on the show! It has changed my life very quickly! More than anything, I was able to see what kind of mental, spiritual and physical focus I must maintain to carry out the goals that I have faith in.
            Where do you see yourself in one year as it relates to fashion 
            In a year I would really l like to have a few campaigns but not just in fashion... I would also like to do more commercials and to do more television; perhaps a scripted series.

            Project Runway was a one in a life time opportunity for the well deserving, hard working, beauty and brains Millana Snow. Along with the mental tools, and $MONEY$ gained from her triumphed win; the exposure will open doors for her future prosperity and aid in propelling her career... this will not be the last that we see of this elegant mademoiselle .

            Thoughts from a beautiful mind…Millana’s blog: http://millanasnow.wordpress.com/
            And Her website is Millanasnow.com

            Cankeler’s..Can’t Fit Christian Louboutin.. well “Barbie” can!

            Cankeler’s..Can’t Fit Christian Louboutin.. well “Barbie” can! 
            Fao Schwarz
            Price: 149.99
            767 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10153
            Considered a genius by Ciara and Angelina Jolie for slathering red lacquer on the bottom of 5-inch heels, Louboutin "found Barbie's ankles too fat," Women's Wear Daily reports.
            Christian Louboutin

            Tips on how to buy Christian Louboutin, and how his sizes run... clearly shows that if you have long or wide feet you are s%@it Out of luck:


            Christian Louboutin Shoes Sizing:
            Things to remember before purchasing:
            1.   The width of your foot (very important)
            2.   The style of the shoes (flats, d'orsay, sling back, close toe, etc)
            3.   The height of the shoes
            4.   The type of fabric used to make the shoes
            Width of your foot 
            This is important because Christian Louboutin shoes are usually cut narrow so if your foot is wide you will definitely have to size up 1/2 to 1 full size up. If you're foot is narrow to medium you can probably do true to size to 1/2 size up in most Louboutins.
            Style of the shoe 
            The style of the shoe will also determine if you will need to size up and my how much. The following are some guidelines for general styles as to how much you will have to size up by. Search the Christian Louboutin Style Guide  for sizing specific recommendations on hundreds of style names.
            • Close toe pump (ie: Decollete 868, Simple): true to size to 1 full size up
            • D'orsay (ie: Jolie Noued Dorcet, Sevillana): true to size to 1/2 size up
            • Sling back (ie: No Prive, Gabine): 1/2 size up
            • Slides (ie: Jolie Noued, Sabotage): 1/2 size up to 1 full size up
            • Peep toe close back (ie: Very Prive, Yoyo): true to size to 1/2 size up
            • Long pointed toes (ie: Decoltissimo, Helmut): 1 full size down to true to size
            • Strappy sandals (ie: Rodita): true to size to 1/2 size up
            • Flats (ie: Ballerina, Un Voilier): true to size to 1/2 size up
            • Wedges (ie: Miminette, Miss Boxe): 1/2 size up to 1 full size up
            • Ankle boots (ie: Metallika, Hung Up): 1/2 size up to 1 full size up
            • Boots (ie: Bourge, Pretty Woman): true to size to 1/2 size up
            Height of the shoe - Christian Louboutin offers certain shoes in different heel heights and that usually makes a different on the sizing. The following are some guidelines as to how much you will have to size up by.
            • 70 mm: true to size to 1/2 size up
            • 85 mm: true to size to 1/2 size up
            • 100 mm: 1/2 size down to 1/2 size up
            • 120 mm: 1 full size down to true to size
            Type of fabric used to make the shoe - This will determine how much give the shoe has after you wear it a few times. Materials like python and suede tends to stretch more than materials like kid leather, patent, cork and satin. Crocodile, mesh, patent and fabric tend not to stretch as much as the above materials.
            Tips and Tricks
            Here are some things that will help if the shoe is too big or small.
            Too Small
            You can't really stretch the shoes lengthwise if the shoe is too short but you can stretch it width wise about 1/2 size. The shoes is made of leather so you can do a few things to help with the tightness. Please remember these are suggestion so if you don't feel comfortable doing this than don't.
            1. You can try to wear a thick pair of socks with your Louboutins to help stretch them out
            2. You can try to wear your shoe and heat the leather with a blow dryer to mold them to your foot (please be careful doing this because if you want to over heat it. Do not directly heat the shoe for over 2-3 seconds, it will melt your shoes or destroy your hair dryer)
            3. You can buy some rubbing alcohol and gentle a tiny bit on the area (on the inside) and stretch it with a shoe stretcher
            4. You can take it to the cobbler and have them stretch it
            Note: Do not over stretch the leather, do it a little bit at a time. If you over stretch the leather it will crack and thin out. Please note that you are stretching it so the shape might be a little off after you do it. If you're not sure about it please take it to the cobbler and have it professionally done.
            for continued info:

            Barbie and every other make believe perfect women with small narrow feet can  enjoy a pair of red bottoms, and I mean that from the bitterness of my heart! 
            Now the rest of us.. said with a (sad face )
            will either continue to squeeze our non-cinderella perfect fitting, gigantic foot into a pair, or just live vicariously through our Barbies. Lets face it... the shoe is way to expensive to not be able to enjoy properly, and it’s cheaper to just buy Barbie a pair.... 

            Life Savor find And Fashion Trends

            Life Savor find And Fashion Trends 
            Life Saver Find! 
            Fast Flats

            Don't you hate the aftermath of pain after you wear your 6inch heels to a cocktail party or even worse to a party where you  actually have to show off your dance moves. All ladies can relate to the feeling at the end of the night  when your feet are screaming bloody murder and are literally barking at on lookers; during that walk of pain.  we know the consequences of looking fabulous  when we are walking out the door and are torn whether or not to pack those comfy flip-flops.. but that big sloppy hand bag that would fit them; completely ruins  the look we are going for.....Thus we choose Fashion over Comfort !
            well ladies perk up, cause today is a whole new day where we can put our foot barking days behind us! Dr scholls created a solution for this "Fashion over Comfort" problem called "Fast Flats"; they are small flat shoes that can fit in your purse or clutch. this great invention will prevent you from being in pain on your journey home after the dance floor!!!!!  
            This Life Saver Find was Discovered by: A-Team member Daveeka-Sade  

            Skirts that are the new trend..

            TREND: Tulip skirts

            WHO'S WEARING IT: Kim Kardashian (Alexander Wang), Malin Ackerman (Alice + Olivia) and Minka Kelly (House of Lavande)
            HOW TO WEAR IT: Generally, a tulip skirt is one that cinches at the waist, balloons out at the hips and then tapers back down to the legs. But we love it when the hemline also mimics the lines of its perennial namesake—and, apparently, so do these stars! The draped effect creates a feminine, goddess touch, and instantly dresses up any fitted top. It will also add curves to slender frames. If you're worried about adding pounds to your figure, simply pick out a high-waisted version to lengthen your hourglass silhouette.

            WHO'S WEARING IT: Anika Noni Rose, Milla Jovovich (Temperley London), Gwyneth Paltrow (Calvin Klein)


            Artistic Flair With A Touch of Fashion Equals Berette Macaulay

            Berette Macaulay wearing a Diane Von Furstenberg dress

            Berette is a professional dancer, scholar, writer, photographer and artist. As Jaw dropping and unreal as this might sound... close your mouths, we are in the year 2010... She is the truth! She’s beauty and brains with a kind heart, a well rounded phenomenal women. She is an artist who has a unique sense of style that’s not only illustrated in her work, but also in her wardrobe.  In the photo above Berette is wearing a classic timeless wrap dress  from Diane Von Furstenburg, toping it off with Christian Dior acessories from the GILT Groupe, and a small one of a kind bag from Paris. designed by Maud Terseur. Her funky flair and keen eye captures beauty with a snap of a lens, and this unique interesting style is portrayed in her art work; which is a  fusions of still images and various mediums.

            Title of Print Avove: LIQUID Trees 033* (NOTE: Exhibited piece from private collection of Marc Nelles, United Nations)

            Mixed Media Commissioned Edition: Metallic Photographic Print treated with acrylic gels and molded mediums, natural and synthetic adhesives, acrylic/metallic pigments, and crushed quartz & resin crystals

            *LIQUID Trees # 033 
            The commissioned mixed media print seen here, LIQUID Trees #33, was shot in Central Park, and finished with layers of mixed materials for additional texture and dimensional movement in the work. 
            It was recently awarded a Silver Medal and Sectional Trophy Prize for Photography by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission and Jamaica National Gallery, and also received the Claro Viewers Vote Award on a televised presentation on SMILE Jamaica on TVJ, August 2010.
            In 2005, SeBiArt: Photographic Evolution, a company with the mission of bringing together a coalition of visual and performing artists to create cathartic multi-disciplinary/multimedia arts projects. As a photographer, she has also pursued the commercial and fashion avenues, photographing well-known persons both locally and internationally.
            Her main challenge now is finding compatible and reliable collaborators and acquiring adequate funding to produce projects .. HInt Hint.... Donate To SeBiArt to KEEP ART ALIVE! Every dollar counts and aids in preserving creativity..www.SeBiArt.com     
            Keep art alive and support Mrs. Berette’s work:
            Website:  www.SeBiArt.com
            Facebook:  www.facebook.com/SeBiArt  (Fanpage name - SeBiArt i•ma•gine | e•volve)