Lydia's Fitness & Fun World Tour Boot Camp

Join the World Tour Boot Camp Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks!


This is an awesome two  week comprehensive fitness program that will include a mixture of: boxing conditioning, traditional calisthenics, body weight exercises with interval training and strength training.  This boot camp is designed to be "FUN" and so that every session pushes the participants harder than they'd push themselves.
During this Two week class you will burn fat and build muscle; by running  and performing various  forms of polymeric and interval training with little rest between exercises. The benefits of joining this boot camp is that it is a  low-cost, efficient and a challenging workout that will change your life and the way you view fitness. 

Lydia’s Hour of Power will get you fast results and create a supportive and motivational community of like-minded people. Don’t hesitate to reach your fitness goals! The first step is making it happen, so sign up now before classes are full and let the new you be born!

Dates: Oct 17th- 28th
 Class A) (Morning hour of power ) 9am-10am   M W F
 Class B) (Evening Hour of Power) 7pm- 8pm  M W F
Nigeria LNG, Residential Area
Bonny Island, Rivers State Nigeria



Cost:for Bootcamp A or Bootcamp B 

 is only €100.00 

Sign up now by Emailing:  Lydiafitnessandfun@gmail.com  with your contact info below in body of message and Class A or Class B in subject line and attend Registration/Orientation Sat oct 15th 6pm @ The Rec Center in the "Sports Hall"

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Jose Canseco and KO4G Helped A Dying Girl  Have  What Could Be her Last BirthDay....

 Valerie is very ill and was not expected to live past 11 years old,  she celebrated her 15th birthday March 26th and KO4G provided her with a very special day.  Valerie spends most of her time in the hospital and is very limited in what she can do as she does not have a stomach, along with a list of other health problems.  At first glanced you are taken back by her beautiful smile, and wonderful sprit,  so much so that from the naked eye you wouldn’t be able to tell she was fighting everyday for her life. she is a very sweet and grateful girl whom is vey deserving of her amazing birthday party.

 Thanks to the help of awesome athletes philanthropist like Jose Canseco who didn’t hesitate to extend a helping hand Valerie's wish was granted.  He responded to KO4G’s plea for help immediately from his cell phone during the memorial service for his deceased father.  He came up with some awesome Ideas to help fund Valerie's party.  one of them that generated large donations, the autographing of baseballs and bats. Jose  the awesome, even went as fare as donating some actual equipment and memorabilia used in his games during the signing event.
This event could not have been such a success without the help of Jose and everyone involved which included: 
Jose Canseco at signing

  • Busby's East & West  
  • Lydia Callins 
  • Betsy Cox
  • Juni Banico Photography
  • Professional Base Ball Player-Jose Canseco
  • Professional UK Soccer Player-Ibrahima Sonko 
Ibrahima Sonko

  • Professional Boxer- Alfonso Gomez
  • Hy3rid
  • Jacklyn Atkins
  • Sarah Lamping
  • Kira
  • Children’s Hospital (LA) and k04g very own Tess Arellano who organized all of the fundraising as well as the coordination of the actually event.
The Inside Scoop from Tess Arellano
Valerie and Tess

How was Valerie Chosen by KO4G to make her wish come true?
Valerie was chosen because she has been through so much medically speaking and still has a long ways to go.  I thought she deserved to have some normalcy in her life, despite the drawbacks that her medical condition has given her.
How did you get involved with KO4G and Children’s Hospital?

 I have worked with children over 5 years.  I work at Children's Hospital Los Angeles I began as a volunteer in 2005 and got hired on in 2007.  I got involved in KO4G because it is a genuine organization that is committed to help girls and women to bring out their inner beauty and raise their self esteem.
What was the out come of the event?

 The event was great. The most important aspect was that Valerie and her family had a great time. To see her smile and genuinely enjoy a milestone in her life that she almost didn't make.
Who were  contributors that helped make this event a possibility?, 
There weren’t a lot of contributors, but those who did, did in a big way!
Paul B.-owner of Busby's east/west donated both venues 1 for Jose Canseco signing and 2nd for Valerie’s Party
Juni- photographer, gave his talent and time to capture this evening for Valerie and her family
Betsy Cox- hair and make up for Valerie and her sister.
Munaco Car Club- provided transportation for Valerie to Venue
Jose Canseco- Donated his time to autograph for donations
Long Branch Youth Boxing- monies for food
Ibrahima Sonko  monies for food
Albert Garcia- DJ
Rob Gomez & Alfonso Gomez and
other individuals did small things to make a difference.

Valerie got a traditional party that most hispanics girls receive (La Quiceanera) .  She was able just feel normal, and special.  For a night, people didn't look at her as being sick, they saw her for the beautiful young lady that she is.  She has something to look forward to and allowed herself to dream past her illness.  Hopefully this party gave her boost of energy to take care of herself, and do everything she can give herself a fighting chance. 
Valerie’s dreams were made into a reality due to the kindness of other’s, so let’s all do our part in making this world a better place and spread the love by taking time to extend our hands every now and then.  Remember LOVE is FREE!  

Thank You Tess for being an awesome wonderful individual and for being the pioneer in making Sweet Valerie's Wish come True!

Donations for future wishes can be made @ www.ko4g.org