Hot spot for fun in New York EMPIRE HOTEL Rooftop Bar and Lounge

63rd Street -Lincoln Center- New York, New York

My girls and I  AKA “The A Team” were ready to hit the streets and have a good time...we wanted to find something that was  hot , trendy, fashionable yet low key with great music.. we didn’t feel like bumping elbows at the club with the hip hop youngsters, sugar daddy smooth talkers or the rat -head hoochie mamma's. We wanted to be able to really enjoy our bottle service and  talk amongst each other, it was a special occasion after all... Princess Jazzmen's Birthday!!!!   

So we decided on a Lounge would be a better setting then a night club... The Bar and Lounge we choose  was located on the 12th floor of  a distinctive New York City luxury hotel. Once we arrived  we saw the cue wrapped around the corner and we knew we were at the right spot.  Everyone in line gave off an air of classic fashionability  with a sprinkle of wealth.  We immediately walked to the front of the cue, where the head bouncer smelling of a sexy masculine fragrance took us in from head to toe like a piece of meat in one look. He smiled making contact with princess Jazzmen’s green eyes “it just the four of you”, yes we replied in unison and were ushered  thru the rope and  headed towards the elevator.  Snickers and dirty looks hit our backs and shoulders, pouring out of the on looker’s who are still in line. We high five d each other; excited that we had a made a good choice for tonight.

The Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar & Lounge offered a magnificent view of Lincoln Center as well as the Broadway & Columbus Avenue gateway to Manhattan's Upper West Side .

This unique indoor-outdoor space contained a variety of venues for both private and semi private events.. ie bottle services out in the open vs, your own private cabana.  The place was beautiful,  My mouth dropped at the west terrace which had retractable glass roof; the expansive outdoor east terrace with the iconic Empire Hotel neon sign and private cabanas were the bomb dot com ; and the Indoor Lounge with large, open space a fire place & comfortable lounge seating were right up our alley.

According to the amazingly talented cocktail waitress the beautiful Mrs. Fe Fe, we were in the right building to celebrate Princess Jazzmen's birthday! Apparently pop diva Beyonce Knowles and hubby, were there in June celebrating her lil sis’s Solange Knowles birthday soiree and Victoria’s Secret Beauty Heidi Klum had her season 8 premiere party for “project Runway there in July..

By the end of the night we discovered that you shouldn’t mix champagne and vodka... said with the memories of a headache....ooh and that The Empire Hotel Rooftop had in deed lived up to it’s reputation, the Dj was jamming all night long, The service was outstanding, the ambiance was star-tacular. “The A team” had a fun fashionable time.. I would recommend the Empire Hotel bar lounge, it is the perfect stage for sunset toasts and toasty fireside soirees in the fall. The fabulous vast yet intimate space was the perfect place to both experience and escape the city below while celebrating princess Jazzmen’s birthday…we partied like a rock and had a blast!
Partying like it's her Birthday
Daveeka-Sade, Princess Jazzmen,Me, Skylar-Ny'cole

The A-Team !


  1. One of the funnest hotels in NYC that I stayed at was a place called the Soho Grand in lower Manhattan. Highly recommend for those looking to visit NY!

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