Who’s Running The Runway?... Project Runway Winner Ms. Millana Snow....

Who’s Running The Runway?... Project Runway Winner Ms. Millana Snow....
Why Millana Snow is named Runway Model winner of 'Project Runway' season eight .......

I was able to see the kind of mental, spiritual and physical focus I had to maintain to carry out My goals.” Millana Snow

Skylar-Ny'cole and Millana Snow
The Carlton Hotel
As a self invited guest of A-Team Member Skylar-Ny’cole, I was able to crash her up and coming supermodel pal Millana Snow’s “Project Runway Wrap party”, which was located at 
The Carlton Hotel 88 madison Ny, Ny.
In conversation with Millana, I discovered Millana’s exemplary tall, slender. sexy, statuesque physic; brought life to Gretchen Jones bohemian inspired, fashion-forward collection, which by the way... HELLO! kinda....  of a “big deal”, won the praise of host Heidi Klum, judges Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and guest judge, Jessica Simpson.
Milliana Snow and ME
I couldn’t help but notice taking in Millana upon first encounter, she was bubbly, beautiful, humble and so so stylish... A TRUE FASHIONISTA ON AND OFF THE RUNWAY!

Rocking: A glamours confident Diane Von Gurstenberg dress a pair of sexy Christian Louboutin’s
Christian Loubtin heels
Getting to Know Millana........Where  are you from?
 I was born in Denver CO... But I also grew up in Houston TX. I have come to call them both home, but H-town will always have my heart!
Who are your favorite designers and why? 
I really love Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy. He is so now, yet so revolutionary. I also really love Chole, whom Hannah MacGibbon has done a beautiful job at remaining current but true to the classic Chole esthetic 
Who are your favorite sun glass designer and why? 
    I really love my Ray Bans! But other than that you cannot go wrong with Chanel... Also Celine and Victoria Beckham have great new lines. 

    How your modeling career begin?
      When I was about 17 I just kept getting approached about modeling... so after meeting photographers in Houston I started building my first portfolio on my own.
      3 of your most memorable experiences on project runway
        Good question! I suppose one would have to be when Phillip Tracey was on the show and he hand choose hats for each of us models. He had designed hats for royalty so it was a pleasant surprise to have him choose them personally. I also really enjoyed when Betsey Johnson came, we were all so excited! Lastly the last show at Lincoln Center was wonderful! I was so excited, and very happy that I was able to go and win later that night!
        How was your relationship with other models? did you feel any pressure to be smaller, thinner? what was your strategy to stay on the   

        I ended up becoming cool with a few... but I really just read most of the down time. Staying to myself was apart of my strategy,  during the filming I was friendly with everyone but didn't want to caught up in drama. I really didn't want to get caught up in competing with any one either... I wanted to just focus on being the best model that I could be; in hopes that that positive energy would separate me and help to come out as the winner. As far as pressures of staying thin... yes I def learned how I was perceived by other models in terms of size... lets just say everyone always considered me the "curvy" one! lol

        What was the outcome of show? 
        Gretchen and I won!! Next week I will be shooting for Marie Claire and a nice lil check :)
        Millana will appear in the designer’s editorial feature in Marie Claire and receive $25,000 from L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional.

        Ms. Jones walks off with $100,000 from L’Oréal Paris to start her own line, a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine, a $50,000 technology suite by HP and Intel to create her own vision and run her business and the opportunity to design and sell an exclusive collection on Piperlime.com.
         How did show benefit you? 
        This was a great journey for me! I had graduated with my bachelors just 10 days before getting on the show! It has changed my life very quickly! More than anything, I was able to see what kind of mental, spiritual and physical focus I must maintain to carry out the goals that I have faith in.
        Where do you see yourself in one year as it relates to fashion 
        In a year I would really l like to have a few campaigns but not just in fashion... I would also like to do more commercials and to do more television; perhaps a scripted series.

        Project Runway was a one in a life time opportunity for the well deserving, hard working, beauty and brains Millana Snow. Along with the mental tools, and $MONEY$ gained from her triumphed win; the exposure will open doors for her future prosperity and aid in propelling her career... this will not be the last that we see of this elegant mademoiselle .

        Thoughts from a beautiful mind…Millana’s blog: http://millanasnow.wordpress.com/
        And Her website is Millanasnow.com

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