Oakland Native Inspiring Moment with "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson

Oakland Native Inspiring Moment
Lydia Callins

     From Poverty to Fame, at least that’s the plan for Oakland Native Lydia Callins,  Raised in the inner city in numerous foster homes;  UC Berkeley graduate, hungry for life and destined for greatness! Lydia now faces off with Dwayne Johnson AKA “The Rock”  every Thursday on TNT, on an epic adventure competing  for the title of America’s first Hero.

    This epic competition test the strength, courage, and integrity of a diverse group of nine individuals. Each week, the contestants are tested, physically, mentally, and morally, as they try to prove that they truly deserve the title of "The Hero" and the life-changing grand prize that goes with it. America watches to see what the contestants are willing to overcome, undergo, and sacrifice on behalf of themselves and others.  

        When asked why Lydia  participated on this show; she responds:  “ I’m risking my life so an orphan can have a better life; why else would I sign a piece of paper before every epic challenge, that states I understand I may die. I’m apart of an insane TV show that’s inspirational, life changing, and I have a history - I have a past that has put me on a mission, to live by example; demonstrating that you do not have to be a product of your environment, and you can do anything you put your mind too.”

Lydia’s ultimate life goal is to use her future fame and fortune, spawned from her acting and writing career to not only bring awareness to the social problems that plague America, especially the foster children in America; but to also do something about it.

While pursuing her dreams, Lydia supports herself as a personal trainer and gives her time mentoring  for the Shirley Mae Foundation and Knock Outs For Giving charity. 

 Lydia remains hopeful and excited for her opportunity to do philanthropic work: “It’s simply knowing that I have to accomplish my goals because there are children depending on me that motivates me everyday to do whatever it takes to make my dreams a reality. What is life and its accomplishments all about if you can’t do something for another person?” 

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