TNT’s First Female Hero To Win A Hero’s Challenge

Los Angeles own Lydia Callins; has proven she is a tenacious  strong contestant, not to be overlooked on TNT’s new hit competition serious hosted by Dwayne Johnson AKA “The Rock.”

This epic competition series premiered June 6th, with great reviews.  The Hero is like no other show, it test the strength, courage, and integrity of nine diverse individuals. Each week, the contestants are tested physically, mentally, and morally, as they prove that they truly deserve the title of “the Hero” as well as the grand prize which is up to a million dollars. 

 Every week a new twist is thrown into the competition, constantly changing the game forcing the hero’s to make tough decisions on the fly. Last week’s episode The Rock called out the women demanding that they step up, but stepping up so late in the game had it’s consequences, Eliminations have now been introduced into the game. 

Lydia was the first women in the competition series to take on The Rock’s challenge knowing full well that by her stepping up she was at risk of being eliminated. Lydia freely shares the inside scoop:

How do the challenges work and are they easy?

Everyone who watches the show thinks it’s a piece of cake to not only get into a Hero’s challenge, but also to win one. As the first women to complete one, I can tell you that is not true!  First you have to fight your way into the second half of the challenge, not knowing what it will entail, with team consensus, then “IF” you effectively complete your challenge, you again have to win over the votes to be placed in the Hero’s challenge. In the Hero’s challenge  you will have a chance to win a large amount of money to take home, and eliminate yourself, or put money in the growing pot and eliminate another teammate, or fail and automatically be eliminated.  And I almost forgot to mention these challenges are designed for you to fail; if you are not given the allotted time to complete them.

What your strategy was going into that episode and The Hero's Challenge?

I knew I only had one opportunity to prove myself or I would be at risk of being eliminated, it was do or die! I refuse to die without a fight! My strategy was simply, I developed a winning mind set:  “I am here to win! I would do anything asked of me without hesitation or fear, failure was simply not an option.”  I trained hard prior to this competition with two a day workouts, that included boxing conditioning, five mile runs and cross fit training, thus ensuring  that I would physically be the strongest women and the most fit.

What you were thinking/did you think you would finish The Hero's Challenge in time?

I had full faith that I would win my Hero’s challenge with or without the full time allotted. When I first read the rules and instructions of the challenge I was a little confused, as to how I was really expected to carry 6 bowlders that weighed 20 lbs each to my final destination, but the word images popped out in the sentence  “I must provide the images to The Rock when providing my answer”.  I was given an ipad to use, and an ipad takes images, so once I realized that my only concern became would this puzzle be to difficult to decipher before my time expired. 

What was your motivation to make it through?

My motivation was  that I will win this for me! This fight to win was a symbol of my entire life, if I can give it all I got, set my mind to win, trust God, and accomplish this challenge despite the time restriction, I can reach every goal I set for myself in life. 

What was Your reasoning why you chose to eliminate Rachel?

Liars cannot be trusted, especially "LIARS" who fail to admit when they have lied.  Rachel lied despite the fact she would be putting the potential Hero in jeopardy by taking away time for the challenge during the lie detector test, that was not very heroic.  I decided at that point I had to eradicate the cancer’s from the house, and that cancer was Rachel. Rachel states I had a personal problem with her, and assumed I felt intimidated by her, but the bottom line was she lied, and Hero's  do not lie, especially knowing that  the lie can cause a charity to loose potential donations and also can cause a person to be eliminated.  I do not have a personal problem with Rachel, I am sure she is a good mom, and dance coach, and I wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors.

What to look forward to in the next episode?

America will get to see more of The Rock’s charming wit as he mentors and challenges us, as well as  the beauty of Panama. But most exciting and touching America will  see first hand the heart, bravery and selfness of two of my favorite Hero’s. 


  1. Very well said. I pray all the heros the best in the next episode! Good luck Lydia!

  2. Loved the reasons for elimination and their effect on the solidarity and credibility of the group and charity. #LessonsForLife #RealTalk

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