How to Get & Keep a Man with Fashion, Fitness & Fun

How to Get & Keep a Man with Fashion, Fitness & Fun
 Some of us are great at the chase, but not so good at the kill or vice versa,  some of us  know how to get the guy, but when it comes to keeping him, it’s a different story,  or  some of us don’t  have a clue on how to get, find or more importantly how to keep Mr. Right..
First thing First you must Locate him then impress your guy and woo him. When you both finally come down from cloud nine, what’s next? How do you keep a man interested and show him that you’re worth keeping around...  Simply by being attractive to people in general, therefore, continuing doing the same things you did before you met him, which is empowering and loving yourself and maintaing your positive self-image.  Here are Three ways to attract and keep your guy by your side.

1. Learn To Make Health and Fitness A Way Of Life 

First and foremost, he’ll be more likely to chase you and keep you if you, are physically fit. If  you want to be showered with the affection you deserve, start with: 1)Setting five goals of fitness for your self, ie.. I want to loose 15 pounds, tone my legs, develop abs..etc, 2) Make a plan to execute those goals, with a time line and a plan for maintenance once you reach those goals, 3) Make health and fitness a way of life  by normalizing being healthy in your everyday life, ie.. instead of french fries, have a salad, instead of soda, have water, instead of candy, have fruit etc.. here are some links to help you get started eating right, loosing weight, and getting fit :

2. Learn what Fashion Trends Are In & is most flattering to your body type 

Men love women who look good, and are kind, confidant and relaxed, so you want to find clothing that help promote those characteristics.  You want to find clothing that is appropriate for different events, but are “ALWAYS FLATTERING” to your specific body type. Wear touchable clothing such as soft sweaters, lower necklines and closer-fitting clothing.  Before shopping you want to: 
A)  locate one part of your body that you consider your best asset.. ie: your legs, arms, breast, abs.. 
B) do your research on what’s the new AGE appropriate fashion forward trend.
C) pick out four upcoming events where you will be seen by your man, or potential man to shop for. 
D) invite your favorite pal to go shopping with you, that love’s you, has your best interest at heart, yet wont’ be afraid to tell it like it is. 
E) shop till you drop ensuring that each outfit emphasizes that body part or parts that you choose....
here are some links to browse for fashion forward trends
3. Learn How having Fun can attract and Keep a man 

 An active social life is also referred to by men as "having a life” men love women who are there own person and have there own interest and hobbies, so it’s very important to get a life and maintain it! In addition to the four upcoming events you’ve decided on where you will be seen by your man, or meet a man, here are a few more suggestions: 

The Apple store
The Apple store often host interesting seminars, with cool celeb guest, and most guys are natural gadget lovers, and with sales of iPods and MacBooks skyrocketing, more men than ever are stopping by Apple boutiques. The vibe at the stores is conducive to man meeting too
Find it near you: There are 142 Apple stores in 31 states. Check out

 The weight room in the gym
The gym is the perfect place to rock your stylish work out outfit, have fun while getting in shape and be seen. According to many gyms, the majority of people pumping iron are men. Another great place for eye candy  are “Boxing Gyms”.. men love a women who can fight back..Find gyms near you: Log on to
sportsclubs.com/clubsched, crunch.com/crunch/gyms, or goldsgym.com/gym_locator 
Comedy Clubs & Classes. 
Acting classes are filled with gorgeous nymphets and men who make great shopping and happy hour buddies .  And breaking the ice is easy: A simple "Your routine was hilarious" (preceded, of course, by hearty laughter) should do the trick.

Poetry clubs, Supper Clubs and Dance Clubs.
 Next Saturday night take a bunch of your girlfriends to poetry club, then go to a nightclub that hosts bands.  You will be seen, have a great time; and if you have a man, he will miss you, thus causing him to appreciate you! If you don’t have a significant other then chances are you might meet one... The only drawback of music clubs, of course, is that the noise level can make it hard to hold a conversation and they are usually filled with anti-committal men. But at the end of the night you were feeling fit and confidant, you got a life; and You got to rock that new outfit while having fun... and at the end of the day that’s all that matters..


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